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Get the facts on how schools can best support LGBTQ2 students

A newly released fact sheet produced by the national EdCan Network of educators entitled How can schools support LGBTQ2 students? aims to quell the polarizing sex-ed and gender identity curriculum debates raging across Canada by equipping parents, teachers and administrators with four evidence-based tips on how to build safer and more inclusive schools for all students.

Authored by renowned sexual and gender minority youth expert Dr. Kristopher Wells, this hands-on and timely resource sets clear expectations and empowers entire school communities to create respectful, welcoming, inclusive and safe working and learning environments.

As Dr. Wells asserts in this fact sheet, “Recent research indicates that the vast majority of Canadian teachers (85%) now support LGBTQ2-inclusive education,” although he outlines that “many report not yet having the knowledge or training to feel confident in creating safer and more inclusive schools for LGBTQ2 youth.”

“With the ongoing controversies over sexuality, gender identity and sexual orientation-related policies, procedures and curriculum, we’re providing a concise and authoritative source of information to parents, trustees and educators, who are often exposed to conflicting opinions about this issue,” says Max Cooke, EdCan Network Interim CEO.

In addition to the downloadable copy of the fact sheet, available at www.edcan.ca/lgbtq2, also included are several practical resources available to support parents and teachers in building their knowledge and confidence on this subject matter.

This fact sheet was made possible with the generous financial support of the Desjardins Foundation and the Canadian Schools Boards’ Association.


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