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What does it mean to flourish in your work?

Listen to "What Does It Mean To Flourish in Schools? ft. Dr. Sabre Cherkowski" on Spreaker.What are the earliest signs of burnout? What are the daily practices of educators who have positive mental health and are able to handle stress well? How would you support a teacher’s happiness at school, and how important do you think happiness is to a teacher’s overall well-being? In this episode, Dr. Sabre Cherkowski discusses what it means to “flourish” at work, and answers some common questions about K-12 workplace well-being.

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Dr. Sabre Cherkowski

Associate Professor, Okanagan School of Education, University of British Columbia

Sabre Cherkowski is an associate professor in the Okanagan School of Education at the University of British Columbia. She is currently engaged in a multi-year, pan-Canadian research project on Flourishing in Schools.

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