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Education Canada, September 2021 – Flipbook Edition

Helping Students Thrive

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and all the obligations it imposed on the education system to preserve the physical health of young people, we face an equally urgent need to increase our support for the mental health and well-being of all students. This is an issue that needs to be addressed at the level of the individual student, in the classroom and school, and throughout the system through effective policy and programs.

In our September issue, we offer insights and approaches for school and district wellness champions, school community leaders, and for all educators working to build healthier, happier school cultures. We are looking for contributors to address the following areas of interest :

  • A comprehensive school health approach: making systemic changes to support the well-being of students and the entire school community
  • What do students say they need? Are we listening? How can we build voice and choice into education?
  • Why does school itself so often take the joy out of learning and lead to anxiety and/or apathy among so many students – and how can we use meaningful pedagogy to re-engage students post-pandemic?
  • Success stories: initiatives being undertaken to build healthy school cultures that are safe spaces for all
  • Programs with demonstrated effectiveness in teaching mental health literacy, fostering adaptability and resilience, countering bullying.

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