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Building a deeper, research-inspired conversation

The EdCan Network and voicEd Radio Canada are joining forces to launch a new content format in November that gathers the voices of researchers, educators and policy thinkers together in lively and informative conversations, articles and professional learning resources that will help you explore some of the most pressing questions in Canadian education.

There’s no doubt that there have always been vibrant conversations happening around staff-room tables, in coffee shops or in conference centre ballrooms, whether it’s the latest research on assessment, a new approach to engaging students, or emerging research-informed practices for early learning.

In recent years, the advent of powerful social media platforms, blogs, and podcasts have expanded what we are able to talk about and who is able to do that talking. It’s a great thing for strong public dialogue, but it can sometimes be difficult to know how to navigate available content and connect with the ideas and perspectives that are going to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning right now.

In our new format, Education Canada will explore emerging issues that matter to you as professionals and are important for advancing our education systems, starting with the essential question:

How will we teach in a (post)-pandemic Canada?

We’ve invited researchers working in the areas of equity and inclusion, technology, Indigenous education, and even philosophy to offer their unique perspectives on the question. You’ll get to hear their voices in a dedicated Education Canada podcast, and read their magazine articles on the EdCan website. But it doesn’t end there. We’ll also be inviting the voicEd Radio podcast community to reflect on the question in one of their podcast episodes. And to open up the conversation even further, we’ll be bringing researchers, educators and policy voices together in a special panel discussion designed to ask some important “So what? Now What? questions.

So, why is this an important shift for Education Canada? We know that there has always been a gap between academic research and professional practice. We also know that there is an increasing demand for research that impacts practice and for what happens in schools and classrooms to inform research initiatives. Finally, we know that policy looks to both the academy and the classroom for insight and direction. In our new format, we’re intentionally bringing research, practice and policy voices together in a vibrant dynamic that we know will be useful, engaging and impactful.

Welcome to a newly imagined Education Canada, powered by voicEd Radio and energized by the diversity of voices in Canadian education – including yours.

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First published in Education Canada, September 2021

Meet the Expert(s)

Stephen Hurley

Stephen Hurley

Education Consultant, Catalyst, voicED Radio

Stephen Hurley is a recently retired teacher from the Dufferin Peel District School Board in Ontario. Stephen continues to work to open up public spaces for vibrant conversations about transformation of education systems across Canada.

Stephen Hurley est un enseignant récemment retraité de la Dufferin Peel District School Board en Ontario. Stephen continue de travailler à ouvrir des espaces publics pour des conversations dynamiques sur la transformation des systèmes éducatifs partout au Canada.

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