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Education Canada, March 2022 – Flipbook Edition

How relevant are our current measures of school success (for both learning and teaching) to today’s world? Does our emphasis on individual achievement and the acquisition of a prescribed, culturally narrow knowledge base truly equip students to become global citizens? Do our goals in education and our criteria for success allow all students to flourish?

This is not a new conversation, but it has taken on new urgency  with the conditions we now face. As we return cautiously to something closer to “normal” school, the disparities in where students are in terms of the curriculum are greater than ever. What, then, do we expect of students now? Some argue that we must focus heavily on “catching students up” to grade level. But is it time to  rethink our goals in education? Just as climate change demands significant action, not reluctant half-measures, perhaps the education system needs to adapt more decisively to our changing world. What educational outcomes will serve children best as they move into their adult lives? What outcomes will help all students thrive, both short and long term? And what actionable strategies will help to get us there?

Read, listen and explore the key question through these multiple lenses:

  • Student mental health and wellness
  • Learning impacts
  • Diversity and anti-racism
  • Meaningful learning vs “covering” the curriculum

Our network of members and wide K-12 education community can look forward to emerging researchers contributing to:

  1. A lively one-hour podcast to highlight four researcher perspectives;
  2. In-depth feature articles to delve deeper into emerging research;
  3. A live conversation where the participants discuss with the four scholars how to bring a practical lens to their research;
  4. On-theme podcast episodes from the voicEd Radio community to bring in more perspectives;

All will be easily accessible to members.



This edition is sponsored in part by Courses For Teachers, by Queen’s University


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