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EdCan Network’s Mental Wellbeing Coaching Program for K-12 School Principals and District Leaders Designed with BTS Spark

Being Well at Work: Personalized Coaching for School Principals and District Leaders


Toronto, February 24, 2021The EdCan Network, a Canadian organization with a 129-year history as the only national, nonpartisan, bilingual, non-profit organization representing 110,000 educators, has launched a new coaching program tailored to the individualized mental wellbeing needs and challenges of school principals and school district superintendents.

Being Well at Work: Personalized Coaching for School Principals and District Leaders is a program designed and delivered together with BTS Spark, a leading not-for-profit initiative that has coached over 13,000 K-12 leaders across Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. The program enables managerial-and director-level K-12 education leaders and teachers to develop their personal wellbeing, resilience, and leadership skills. This unique program helps school leaders by tackling the daily challenges of educational leadership with a certified expert coach. They get a thought-partner who can offer expert, supportive guidance from outside their workplace.

“Healthy organizations require healthy leaders, yet we rarely discuss the challenges and stresses of educational leadership – and it is time to change that,” says Denise Andre, Chair of the EdCan Network. “Especially now with the extra stress of the pandemic, school principals and district leaders are striving to care for their own wellbeing under very difficult circumstances while alleviating the stress and burnout experienced by their teachers and staff.”

The program’s key benefits include its flexible one-to-one and group coaching options with a network of leading executive coaches who take a tailored approach to each leader’s unique needs. Pricing and scheduling are designed to be equitable and at-cost for all leaders regardless of budget, location, or scheduling needs. Additional cost-savings are available for school districts and professional associations that are members of the EdCan Network.

“We are proud to partner with the EdCan Network, innovating to drive significant improvements in the mental wellbeing of education leaders,” says Rosie Connor, Director of Education for BTS Spark. “In supporting K-12 leaders to embrace change, develop a clear sense of personal purpose, and navigate difficult relationships, among other wellbeing topics, we can work towards increased job satisfaction and develop highly effective leaders who in turn lead high-performing schools and school districts where staff and students thrive.”

Beginning next school year, EdCan will also be launching a unique District-Wide Mental Wellbeing Coaching program to support School District Leadership Teams in leading context-specific systemic change to embed mental wellbeing into their district’s culture, priorities, and structures. Districts will be guided by a seasoned coach to engage employees while identifying and addressing underlying issues using a holistic and collaborative approach.

About the EdCan Network

The EdCan Network’s mission is to ensure that ALL students thrive in our schools. Since 2019, EdCan has been leading an awareness-building platform called Well at Work to increase knowledge about the need to make teacher and staff wellbeing a top policy and investment priority. In 2021, EdCan is implementing Well at Work 2.0: a set of solutions aimed at further building the capacity of education leaders to improve staff wellbeing through a range of professional learning opportunities.

About BTS Spark

BTS Spark is a not-for-profit which specializes in supporting school leaders and teachers. BTS Spark can deliver leadership development flexibly through coaching and workshops, enabling education leaders to access quality professional learning at an affordable price.

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BTS Spark

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