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EdCan and Mindfulness Everyday team up to address educator stress and burnout in fight against COVID-19

TORONTO, April 9, 2020EdCan and Mindfulness Everyday are pleased to announce a new partnership to address rising levels of stress and burnout among staff in Canadian K-12 education systems amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to provide educators with skills and coping strategies that best support their mental and physical health as they transition towards delivering online learning and grapple with managing the simultaneous demands of work and home. This partnership includes collaborating to deliver online training, programming for K-12 staff, and awareness campaigns on the transformative benefits of mindfulness, to name a few.

“Many educators are faced with mounting pressure to perform during these extremely challenging circumstances,” says Max Cooke, CEO of EdCan. “We also know that educators are not only focused on ensuring the safety of their loved ones, but also care a great deal about how their colleagues and students are dealing with this crisis and we are seeking new ways to support them.”

Both organizations are working together to mobilize actionable strategies to improve workplace well-being in Canada’s schools and school districts, which includes hosting a free live public webinar and four small-group community meet-ups for EdCan Members throughout the month of April.

“We are striving to make the message ‘Happy educators will change the world’ more than just pretty words on a page,” says Heidi Bornstein, Founder of Mindfulness Everyday. “When mindfulness is at the core of an educator’s self-care tool kit, both compassion and empathy increase, which ultimately translates into enhanced student performance.”

About Well at Work by EdCan

Well at Work is a research and public awareness campaign that calls on education leaders to make K-12 workplace well-being a top priority. It encourages everyone to take responsibility in creating supportive school cultures where staff look after their well-being and that of their colleagues. Well at Work strives to provide educators and school districts the tools they need to improve working conditions for the long term. To learn more: www.edcan.ca/wellatwork

About Mindfulness Everyday

Cofounded by Heidi Bornstein and Stephen Chadwick in 2009, Mindfulness Everyday is a diverse team of experienced professionals dedicated to educator well-being. Mindfulness Everyday offers a variety of programs that largely focus on how mindfulness practices can benefit educators both personally and professionally. To learn more: www.mindfulnesseveryday.org

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