A youth talking circle on Truth and Reconciliation in our schools

Indigenous Learning

A raw discussion about truth and reconciliation in Canadian schools

Education Canada Live Podcast

Four young Indigenous leaders shared with us their thoughts about what Truth and Reconciliation means to them and how that should be reflected in our schools…

Take in this powerful discussion…


This conversation inspired an article published in the Summer 2018 issue of Education Canada Magazine. Read Carrying the Fire.


Illustration: Don McIntyre

Music: “Perfect” by Ketsa Music/UTK Publishing (www.ketsamusic.com)

Meet the Expert(s)

Dr. Michelle Hogue

Associate Professor, Coordinator of First Nations’ Transition Program

Michelle M. Hogue is an associate professor and Coordinator of the First Nations’ Transition Program at the University of Lethbridge.

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Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett

English Editor of Education Canada.

Holly Bennett is the English Editor of Education Canada.

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