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Could outing LGBTQ kids ever be acceptable?

Sex-Ed and Gay-Straight Alliances

“This is about outing gay kids,” says UCP caucus whip: Alberta’s United Conservative Party passes motion to inform parents of children’s involvement in gay-straight alliances.

This controversial motion, should the United Conservative Party (UCP) be elected next year, would reverse a law enacted last year by Alberta’s current NDP party, which made it illegal for schools to inform parents about students’ participation in GSAs. Parents would also be informed of their kids’ involvement in any subjects of a religious or sexual nature.

Evolving story “Schools have been turned into social laboratories and our kids into test subjects…”: Ontario conservative party leader vows to replace sex-ed.

Doug Ford reaffirmed his pledge to repeal and replace Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum last week, after removing controversial candidate Tanya Granic Allen from the PC roster who appealed to social conservative voters. While Ford hasn’t pinpointed his contentions with the current curriculum, protesters have narrowed down on issues of same-sex marriage, gender identity and masturbation.



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