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Cdn EdWire – Threat to Recruit Strippers from High School has Legs

Plus groundbreaking anti-bullying and copyright legislation, and heated Ontario teacher labour negotiations keep media focus on education during the traditional summer downtime


Adult entertainment lobby group threatens to recruit strippers at Vancouver schools – Vancouver Province

Calgary advocates slam plan to recruit strippers in city high schools – Metro Calgary


Adult entertainment lobby group threatens to recruit strippers at Vancouver schools – Vancouver Province

Calgary advocates slam plan to recruit strippers in city high schools – Metro Calgary

Strip clubs look to recruit from schools – Toronto Star

Strip clubs to look for dancers in Toronto schools – Toronto Sun


The bullying gender gap: Girls more likely to be targets – Globe and Mail

Legislation is step in right direction, but won’t eradicate bullying: advocates – Canadian Press

Anti-bullying legislation step in right direction, advocates say – CBC


McGuinty threatens to recall House to send Ontario teachers back to work – Toronto Star

Ontario Liberals may use legislation to prevent school year delay – Canadian Press

Teachers unions condemn labour deal – Brampton Guardian

Education minister tells school boards to settle with teachers’ unions or face new legislation – Ottawa Citizen

Globe and Mail Editorial: For their own good, Ontario’s unions need to give some ground 


Copyright law a win for consumer, educators, and telecoms as court reins in multiple fees – Toronto Star

Teachers’ association, province hail copyright ruling on photocopying textbooks – Calgary Herald
Supreme Court decision provides ‘much needed clarity,’ education minister says

Globe and Mail Editorial: Like lunch, writing isn’t free


Are kids failing at summer? – Globe and Mail

Summer widens rich/poor learning gap – Toronto Star

Summer ends early for Calgary Catholic year-round students – Calgary Herald
Pupils return from abbreviated vacation ‘more eager’ than those on traditional school calendars, teachers say


Teens still trade sex for drugs, booze – Canadian Press
Boys, girls almost equally likely to do it; having close family tends to limit poor sexual choices

Mandarin bilingual program links students to their heritage – Edmonton Journal
Public, Catholic systems offer learning in eight languages, which gives kids an edge, expert says

Native teens from across Canada urged to take up law as a career – Toronto Star


Hong Kong: Thousands protest over China’s new school curriculum – Toronto Star

Cuts Are Putting Students Off Education, Says President Of The Association Of Colleges – Huff Post UK

A Revolution In Teacher Training Methods? – Care2


25 000 iPads? I have a few Questions….. – Remote Access
This morning a link to this article was posted on twitter. A district rolling out 25 000 ipads this fall to students and staff. I’m interested. Sounds like a major initiative. My first questions are about training, sustainability and the inevitable “what are you going to do 4 years from now when all of those machines are outdated,” but that’s not what really caught me. I’ve got questions…. Read More

Humanizing Our Organizations Through Social Media – The Principal of Change
As society changes, schools need to change with it. We have to model how we continue to grow and learn. Yet many schools are extremely fearful of using social media or are pushing the idea aside as if it were a fad. As I have traveled around to many different schools, I have been frustrated by the blocking of social media sites from not only students, but staff as well. We cannot simply flick a switch and say “go”, but as Greg Whitby stated, we need to “start moving yesterday” on changes within our schools. There are many purposeful ways that our schools can be utilizing social media sites, and we need to start figuring this out sooner than later as everyone has the technology to these sites in their pockets any way. Read More

Standards and Standardization – David Truss :: Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts 
If we agree that instructional standardization is unnecessary, we can maintain creativity and passion in a standards-based classroom. But we need to make a few paradigm shifts….Read More

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