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Cdn EdWire – Making the Link Between Bullying and Boredom

In the wake of the Amanda Todd tragedy, education media take a deeper look at the root causes of bullying.


CC photo by: eltpics

Opinion: Improving education system to end bullying – Montreal Gazette


CC photo by: eltpics

Opinion: Improving education system to end bullying – Montreal Gazette

Opinion: Linking boredom and bullying scapegoats schools and teacher – Montreal Gazette

Albert Nerenberg seeks an escape from boredom- Montreal Gazette
Lively documentary suggests tedium is actually a form of stress

To Soothe Distracted Students, BC Schools Try ‘Self-regulation’ – The Tyee
Program helps hyperactive minds relax, but proponents warn it can’t fix every learning problem.

Alberta minister says new education act is tough on bullies – CBC

Ministry of Education memo advises teachers not to show Amanda Todd video in class (with video) – Vancouver Sun
Ministry of Education anti-bullying staff say footage could trigger students, imply bullying ‘causes’ suicide

Amanda Todd: Schools’ minute of silence elicits painful memories for other bullying victims – Toronto Star


Teachers’ job action could delay grades for Toronto high school studentsGlobe and Mail

Ontario high school teachers set to withdraw services Wednesday – Globe and Mail

Dalton McGuinty regrets how teachers’ unions were handled – Toronto Star

Ontario high school teachers to ‘up the heat’ in row with province – Toronto Star


Math classes to get overhaul in bid to improve grades – Halifax Chronicle Herald

Battling B.C.’s math education crisis – Straight.com


‘EdCamp’ offers new kind of professional development for Ottawa teachers – Ottawa Citizen

Quebec’s high dropout rate: Educating children earlier, extending kindergarten to 4-year-olds, seen as key in the battle – Montreal Gazette

Eight Edmonton teachers recognized for innovation in the classroom – Edmonton Journal
Video games part of computer science curriculum

What My Friends Really Think about Online Schooling – The Tyee
Wary of spin, a Grade 11 student goes to the source: his peers.

Chilliwack School Board to reconsider free-Bible policy – Vancouver Province

B.C. parent asks province to ban distribution of material promoting Gideons Bibles in schools – Toronto Star

Special needs biggest growth area – Winnipeg Free Press
School divisions left to pick up the cost

Why are schools brainwashing our children? – Macleans

School space crunch squeezes prospect of full day kindergarten – Calgary Herald

French immersion programs face high demand, challenges – CBC
5.8M Canadians said in 2011 that they could conduct a conversation in French and English

No guarantee N.B. schools to get full funding – Metro

Heritage Minister wants Canadian history taught in all high schools – Globe and Mail


You Do Not Have My Full Attention – The Learning Nation
I don’t find this question of whether people are more distracted by technology to be very difficult.  THEY ARE MORE DISTRACTED.  But more specifically, we are all more likely to be distracted by things that are changing, dynamic, or more interesting and engaging than what we are currently doing.

At the most basic level, as a former PE teacher, when I was addressing my class in the gym to show them a new skill, I made sure that I stood against a solid wall and the class faced me while I was speaking.  This was instead of them sitting against the wall and looking  right past me at the other PE classes that were in the weight room or on the mezzanine.  It is natural to be distracted! We need to stop judging ‘young people’ and their being distracted, having short attention spans, or whatever other denigrating phraseology we can come up with about them being less engaged in classrooms across North America….Read more

 “No Guts, No Change” – Etc.: Education, Technology and Culture
I spent today in the company of officers and board members of the Canadian Education Association. CEA is a unique organisation. Whilst it has members, it’s not a ‘professional body’ – at least as we’d recognise them in the UK. It is, unashamedly, about championing innovation in education. And it speaks from a position of authority. As an article from a current issue of its magazine points out, Canada is fast becoming the ‘go to’ country for innovation that works. Outside the Asian countries, where parental pressures often result in 12-hour learning days for their kids, Canada is beaten only by Finland in PISA tables. If the CEA’s research is indicative of Canada’s USP, then  not focussing too much on exam results, and instead becoming intentional about student engagement and supporting teacher’s aspirations, would appear to workRead more


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