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Cdn EdWire – Gay-Straight Alliances in Catholic Schools Debate Heats Up in Ontario

It’s Catholic values vs. the use of the word “gay” for student anti-homophobia clubs while a proposed anti-bullying law gets caught in the crosshairs.

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Dalton McGuinty tells Catholic church he’s in charge of schools – Toronto Star

CC Photo by westconn

Dalton McGuinty tells Catholic church he’s in charge of schools – Toronto Star

‘Gay-straight alliance’ name forces debate in Ontario – CBC
Roman Catholic archbishop opposes requiring GSA name

Church blindsided by Ontario government over gay-straight alliances: Catholic sources – National Post

All schools must allow ‘gay-straight alliances’ under new anti-bullying bill – Toronto Star

Public school trustees to lead Edmonton Pride Parade – Edmonton Journal

Principals seek a broader definition of bullying – Toronto Star


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Parental fear contributing to sedentary lifestyle of Canadian children: report – Globe and Mail

Alberta bucks demographic trend as young families come in droves – Globe and Mail

Parents vote to limit Wi-Fi in B.C. schools – Globe and Mail

Creating Innovators: Harvard author teaches parents, educators how to encourage innovation – Toronto Star

Course fees still a reality for Ontario high school students – Toronto Star

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French schooling en bonne santé in B.C. – Globe and Mail

Growing number of Ontario college students need help in grade school math, study finds – Toronto Star

Allan expels math exam – Winnipeg Free Press
Course work replaces test in Grade 12

Student assessment introduced – Regina Leader Post

Teachers failing aboriginal students, Lakehead prof says – CBC
Head of Aboriginal education department says teachers need better training

Imagination Conversation’ explores creativity’s role in student success – Edmonton Journal


If You Could Not Fail? – The Learning Nation
The month of ‘AprilMayJune’ is a challenging time for schools around the country.  It is the time of year when plans are being made for September, and there are numerous difficult decisions that need to be made to prepare the school for the fall.  As I am sure it is for everyone, the preliminary budgets come in to us that never seem to be enough, the staffing is so tight that it seems nearly impossible to make it work, there are courses that are over-subscribed and others under-subscribed leading to difficult decisions about which classes to run.  This time of year can be a stressful time for everyone, and for me, it has been no exception.….Read more

Innovation Has To Also Mean Walking Away – Culture of Yes
“Innovation” is all the rage, and it is probably the most used word in my blog posts as well.  However, there are a lot of new ideas and methods that become wrapped up under the innovation label.  A particular challenge is that, for everything new we add to the K-12 system, we also need to determine what will come out. Currently, we are  trying to address a jammed-full curriculum, and adding new items without withdrawing other items only exacerbates the challenge.Read more

Before the computer could change School, School changed the computer – For the Love of Learning
It’s tempting to get suckered into talking about technology when the real debate is over how children learn. Some might say there is a war going on in schools between behaviourism and constructivism and the kids are losing; while others have written “One cannot understand the history of education in the United States during the twentieth century unless one realizes that Edward K. Thorndike won and John Dewey lost.” ….Read more

School Improvement? How About Teacher/Student Demoralisation? – Education, Etc.
First, we’ve seen umpteen centrally-prescribed initiatives over the years, and hardly any of them achieve the goal of long-term, sustainable improvement. Why? Because, you can centrally prescribe what schools should teach, and what is considered to be an acceptable performance, but unless you address the cultural issues involved in how schools improve their teaching and learning,, you’re not actually getting to the heart of the issue. As Michael Fullan says, “the best intentions of school change efforts are overtaken by school culture by Wednesday”. So, to change hundreds of schools, requires lots of boots on the ground, and a respectful awareness that these issues are complex, and need complex solutions. Complex, long-term solutions are not what politicians like to hear….Read more

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