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Cdn EdWire – First Nations Schooling Inequities, PCAP Fallout, and Ongoing Bullying Dilemma

Over the last month, the education media have highlighted some serious issues and shortcomings in our public education systems, while shedding some light on what innovation looks like in the classroom.


Just maybe, things will improve for schools on reserves – Postmedia

Native students doing poorly at city high schools – Calgary Herald
Nearly 13 per cent dropping out every year

Need for native education upgrades too urgent to wait, former PM says – Globe and Mail

Attawapiskat crisis offers a teaching moment for all – Western News

Attawapiskat exposes urgent need for native education reforms – Globe and Mail


Boys at school: Is it the teaching or the tests? – Globe and Mail

Reading skills fall in Quebec’s French schools – Montreal Gazette

Shaken to the core…subjects – Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba kids lag behind nationally in math, science, reading

Report card on schools reveals new struggles for boys – Globe and Mail

Study puts Ontario Grade 8 students on top – Toronto Star

Girls pulling ahead of boys in school, report shows – CBC
Boys only outperformed girls in 1 of 4 math categories

Assessment program hurts class time: union – Winnipeg Free Press

Teachers want Alberta universities to revise handling of Grade 12 marks – Calgary Herald

Boys’ poor results in reading feared to be spreading to math, science – Globe and Mail


The best defence against bullying – Globe and Mail

Anti-bullying bill a front for ‘sex ed’ agenda, groups say – Toronto Star


Young people need respect, protection for their sexual orientation – Montreal Gazette

Students who bully could be expelled under new bill – Toronto Star

Bullying’s rising toll of suicides has political leaders taking action – Globe and Mail


‘Right now, we build minds the same way we build cars’ – Globe and Mail

Physicist’s crowd-sourcing philosophy gains traction in the classroom – Globe and Mail

Technology: educational divider or equalizer? – Globe and Mail

iPads are in, cursive is out (and other education trends) – Globe and Mail


Social justice and diversity key subjects for new UBC program – Vancouver Sun
Changes will better prepare teachers for work in classrooms: dean

Should province set targets to boost kids’ love of reading? – Toronto Star

Ontario kids can read well, but they don’t have to like it – Globe and Mail

Only half of pupils like to read, survey finds – Toronto Star

Alberta plans more consultations on Education Act – Edmonton Journal

The face of education: is it too white? – Toronto Star


Start school at 2, study urges – Toronto Star

French will maintain favoured status in B.C. schools – Vancouver Sun

Children should start school at two years old: study – Nat Post

Quebec, PEI, Manitoba surge ahead on early childhood education– Globe and Mail

Centre announced to integrate research, education for kids with autism – Canadian Press

Schools put brakes on chocolate fundraisers – Globe and Mail


How NOT to reform American education – Big Think

Class Matters. Why Won’t We Admit It? – NY Times

Canada’s First Nations: a scandal where the victims are blamed – The Guardian
The response of the Canadian government to the emergency in Attawapiskat shows why indigenous communities are in trouble


Are you a virus? – The Clever Sheep (Rodd Lucier)
Recently, I had a chance to hear Ron Canuel from CEA speak about the need for change, and the barriers faced by change agents. In viewing the change agent as a virus, he observed that it is common for innovators to be attacked while followers prosper. Finding it easy to relate to Ron’s words, I’d like to extend the metaphor. Viruses often innovate in the relative safety of a closed door classroom. If you use attempt to use technology in unexpected ways, or if you use tools before they become the norm, you may be a virus. There are many innovators out there, but most, like viruses, are difficult to see. It is only through the sharing of stories, that they become visible…Read More

The Canaries Are Choking – 21st Century Learning Associates
The results of the Canadian Education Association’s What Did You Do In School Today survey  should serve as a clarion call for action from educators, parents and governments. The CEA surveyed over 60,000 Canadian students to obtain their views on the level of their intellectual engagement in school. Less than half of all high school students surveyed reported that they felt intellectually engaged in school.

These results underline the need to rethink public education in and for the 21st Century. The lack of intellectual engagement by students coupled with the calls from many economic and social leaders for public education to focus on imparting new 21st Century competencies in our youth using modern teaching methodologies, including the integration of information and communication technology with learning, should be heeded… Read More



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