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Canadian Education Wire – School Boards Grapple with Anti-Homophobia Policies

Education media uncovers rising tension facing Catholic schools that are directed by Ministries to help schools fight homophobia while seeking to uphold the Vatican’s stand against gay sex.

‘Rainbow’ ruckus hits Catholic high school – TO Star

Catholic school board bars lesbian comedian from performing in Toronto – Globe and Mail

Burnaby school board to consider revised anti-homophobia policy – Burnaby Newsleader

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Anti-Tory effort could backfire on teachers – National Post

Stelmach awakens sleeping teachers’ union – Calgary Herald

Ontario Student Survey allows students, parents to have a say – Cottage Country Now

83% of Grade 10 students pass literacy test – TO Star


The Futures of School Reform – Education Week
A working group on the “Futures of School Reform,” organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and led by Robert B. Schwartz and Jal Mehta of Harvard and Frederick M. Hess of the American Enterprise Institute, includes more than a dozen researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from around the country. Education Week is running a seven-part series of Commentary essays expressing visions of members of the “Futures” group. 


The Millennials are Googling Us – Shannon in Ottawa (Shannon Smith)
Caveat:  Although not a member of the Millenial Generation, I should disclose that I scored an 87 on the Pew Research quiz, “How Millennial Are you?”  Go ahead and try it out 
Over the past few weeks we have been in the thick of staffing and hiring for next year.  As my principal, Jen, and I have reflected after each set of interviews, I have been formulating a blog post giving some pointers to teacher candidates hoping to land not only the interview, but the position.  But that isn’t this post.  This post is for my colleagues in administration who are still reluctant to start a professional blog or switch to a blog for their schools.

Making Transparency Concrete – Culture of Yes (Chris Kennedy)
Transparency has become an overused mantra in the workplace, and in the public sector, in particular, leaders have faced an increased demand for transparent thinking and actions. In my role as superintendent of a 7,200-student school district, transparency is about promoting accountability and accessibility, providing timely information for students, staff and parents about what their school district is doing. Essentially, it demystifies the work of schools and school districts.

Do I serve you or are you to support me? – For the Love of Learning (Joe Bower)
As a classroom teacher, I spend the majority of my time working with students while they are still learning, so I have an intense understanding for how important it is for kids to be engaged in learning by doing projects that are in a context and for a purpose. Without the information (read: observations) that I gather from such projects, I could not call myself a teacher, nor could my students call themselves learners. But how often is data defined like this?

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